The sacrifice

Hi darlings I promised the continuation of this poem.the sacrifice . life challenging you will not know your in the heaven until you see someone with prayer point of being like you.

The cry of a little child was heard in the river bank yesterday night, just as it was heard in near by bush day before yesterday night, mama did not know,papa did not know our elders are consulting deities

It’s still Mistry to them but he know him self he know his pain ,he was denied of his favorite,no friends, no sister or brother, the friends he use to know is now strangers

And now in a foreign land no means of communication.not easy to make friends no one wants him just like out cast he goes alone and on top mountains there was a cry of a little child.mum why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?mum why!!!!!!!!!!!!? Dad why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


The sacrifice

He was hero,he was legend he is second and last born ,he is the love of his parents and he is the one they trust most.still no pamper no caring but he still believe that they loves him

His happiness is nature , his best movement in life is at the bush in the middle of the night his hobby is helping less privileged with the little he has, and only enemy is noise.

As time goes on changes come with Life challenging,he is aware that no body is going to help carry his cross but don’t know that they will add their own cross,cloth tattered ,heart broken, the boy is stressed out . the only remedy Is loneliness,he can’t help again because he have seen bad body is shivering with fear just like fish on dry be continue.😍🤚💓💚

What do you understand about karma?

According to Christians your actions today determines your fate in this life and life to come, the cup you use to measured for others must be use in your own turn, the way yrou treats strangers determines how strangers will be treating you, how you treats and respect your parents determines how your children will treat and respect you

According to Hinduism and Buddhism the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existence, wether good or bad is result of once actions

According to Muslims our good deeds will be rewarded and we will be punish for our sin, every person we have imposed his fate upon his neck.and we will produce for him on the day of resurrection a record which he Will encounter spread open.(Quran 17:13)

According to African religion any action of yours wether good or bad will not wast time to relocate you ,if your actions fail to come over you now it shall surely come in your next life . which means they believe in karma, incarnation and so on.

Naturally if you love your self and you want to be have to make every one around you happy, even though you can not force everyone to be happy .just calm down know that their karma is waiting for them, you can’t kill your self for anyone, your best is enough.

Much love guys like, share, and comment, thanks

Happy Thursday guys

May peace be with you, any where you are may almighty protection  be giant tower for you and may progress, favour, grace,joy be your name forever and ever.amen to you my friends your one of a kind and am forever grateful, Chris Rossy is greeting my love for you guys is evergreen

Who know you more than your self?

Obviously and fortunately no one except you and you alone , you know what is good for you . Influence is when you allow your wants to over come your need

You come to the world alone the only person that is aware that your coming to this world is God Almighty  and appart from you he is the only person that know you and truly understand you even part of your self your not aware of God knows everything and that is why he is God

God have created you, it’s left for you to make and build your self the way you want to be.if you want to be happy forever just make sure that everyone around you is happy. Is not a bad idea taking the betterment of the world upon your self, there’s no hero with out disciples

My igbo tribe

Have you heard about Igbo tribe before? So many people have heard about my tribe Igbo (which some calls ibo or biafras,I.p.o.b)

Ibo is what people that can not pronounced Igbo calls.some non indigen and indigen that was not raise in Igbo land might be calling ibo but the right spelling is Igbo, the original pronounciation is Igbo.

Igbos are hard working people from southern parts of Nigeria, they trust their abilities,it was record that in 1900s igbos also known as biafra produced all the weapons they used to fight the war, but Nigeria did not produce even guns.

Am proud of my people igbos even though that ever since I was born my people have not been in aso rock as president, and I don’t think that they have rule before except Nnamdi Azikiwe, and the way government is treating them did not reach their taste, experiencing so many intimidation in their own father’s land they now seek for freedom (biafra). But thank God that one of our people Mr Peter obi have come out to contest for this 2023 election,he is love and hope of the poor because he proved that he is always worthy of trust the time he was governor Anambra State, me my self I throughlly love him because of his love to my people Anamites .he always came to visit our village people right from the time he was governor.and he had visited, even now flood have covered our village  

It is not easy

Some use to say that to be a man is not easy, but they did not know to be a woman is also not easy, the world is just not easy .a place full with so many religions and their beliefs so many people with so many characters

The only set of people that the world exclude is infants children , others are totally confused about what they are into.

When I was still a little boy I thought that only only adults can die, until one of my friends died around age of eight,I also thought that only adults can have mental problem but I was wrong, because I have seen young girl in her childhood age with mental disorder to extent  of running mad in the street helpless.

Some sort of things had made me to believed that some things never change , but I have gat to understand that I was wrong, that truly change is constant.

Thanks for reading much love 😍😍😍😍😍

I’m born to win , your born to win

In roman Catholic where called church militant, in other way round any body that’s alive is in battle field, there’s no rest in this world, some may think that if you get money your suffer will end .

But the more your getting money the more your problem is rising , so far your in this world you must be facing challenges . nothing will stop world trauma, nothing will change the fact that the world is so immutable nothing will make the world to balance.

But you can fight your way out, you can’t change the whole world but you can change your self and your environment you might be able to change those around you, but the truth about it is that you can’t change human being character you can persuade some one to accept you and your character but you can’t totally change him,he must have at least a bit of his character and attitudes ,

All you have to do is to know your happiness and joy and fight for it . Know your priority, happiness and fight for it because your winner born to win.